Saturday, October 31, 2009

Night of the Demon/Curse of the Demon

I found this little gem on YouTube:

This movie was Night of the Demon in the UK and premiered in 1957. It was retitled Curse of the Demon in the US and premiered in 1958 with 13 minutes edited out--those minutes have been added back into the DVD. The missing scenes are: "a visit to the Hobart family farm, a visit to Stonehenge, and snippets of the seance scenes and conversations between Karswell and his mother." Since the magic of this movie is the building sense of dread, each scene is crucial. For a 1950s movie (based on M. R. James' "The Casting of the Runes") this is a nice little spooky treat for Samhain. As the video says the director wanted the demon left up to the audience's imagination and the demon is the only cornball thing in the movie. Jacques Tourneur was a master of subtle horror.

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