Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Babies

John Keats/Juliette Low founder of the Girl Scouts/Sara Allgood Irish Actress/Bob Siebenberg Drummer Supertramp/Chiang Kai-shek/Ethel Waters singer,actress/ Dale Evans actress/Dick Francis Irish Novelist/ Barbara Bel Geddes actress/Lee Grant actress/Cleo Moore actress/Dan Rather/David Ogden Stiers actor/ Michael Landon/Brian Piccolo football player/Sally Kirkland actress/Brian Doyle Murray actor/ Russ Ballard musician Argent/ Stephen Rea Irish actor/Ron Rifkin actor/Norman Lovett English actor/Deirdre Hall actress/John Candy/Jane Pauley/Nick Saban football coach/Michael J. Anderson actor/Ken Wahl actor/Dermot Mulroney actor/Rob Schneider actor/Darryl Worley country singer/Vanilla Ice/Piper Perabo actress/Alexander Alekhine chess champion/Julia Lee vocalist/John Sylvester White actor/Kinky Friedman ran for governor of Texas/Brian Downey actor/Larry Mullen, Jr U2/Glenn "Doc" Rivers baseball player/Peter Jackson director/Mike O'Malley actor/A.J. Hammer TV personality/Chris Tucker actor/Richard Morris Hunt architect/John Evelyn British Diarist/James Lovell American educator/

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