Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Not Acceptable: This is a Death Camp Not an Animal Shelter

 Hamilton, Texas where the Animal Shelter is a joke. It's December 9th and well the employees don't want to be bothered during their holiday festivities by strays so they euthanized them today: ALL of them. While it is true that there were only 4 animals at the despicable excuse for a shelter (and thank God 2 were in foster care), no place should be able to call itself a shelter when they cannot be bothered with care of the souls that have been entrusted to their care through no fault of their own. This must be dealt with....said community must be shamed since it is the only thing I suspect that will get through to the powers that be---  (by the way don't blame the facebook page that posted this as they are volunteers and have nothing to do with the officials that allowed this heinous act to go forward)

Christianity doesn't mean thinking only on you and yours. We have a duty to all God's creatures perhaps in particular those we keep as companion animals and killing them because of a big holiday coming up should be the greatest of sins

ALL DOGS IN THE POUND HAVE BEEN EUTHANIZED FOR THE HOLIDAYS...MERRY CHRISTMAS from City Hall!No, the kennels were not full but you one wants to deal with disposable dogs during the holidays
Posted by Friends Of Hamilton Texas Animal Shelter on Wednesday, December 9, 2015

These are the only 2 pictures I know for sure of the dogs that were euthanized.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Great Idea

Monday, September 22, 2014

thoughts on a myriad of things after almost a year of no posts

Long time no post...what can I say life sucks and gets in the way of wanting to write anything...well, do anything.

Things I have found out in the last year:

Sometimes people get sick and die so fast there isn't even time to say goodbye. That being said others linger on and on though they don't seem to know they are even here. It's a mystery to figure out what to do when you don't know how much time you have and you are always worrying about how much time you have..well that's how my mind works but it might not be how anyone else's works.

Clothes don't wash themselves or put themselves up or even iron themselves so there are some days when I feel like I am drowning in clothes.

It is easier as you get older to gain weight than it is to lose it.

Menopause sucks. Menopause makes you a different person.

How come some of the late night managers at McDonald's are cocky pricks? For example: we go to one that is in the most western part of Nashville at about 11pm, the other night and place our order at the Drive Thru. The guy at the window tells us that we have to wait for our fries, so we need to pull up because the customer behind us only ordered a coke. So we reluctantly pull forward since 9 times out of 10, they forget we are sitting there. The other car pulls to window and is still sitting there when 8 minutes later, the manager brings our meal out. My husband points out that there had been no need for us to pull forward and this child gives us this nod and smile that we were just silly old people and didn't count. Another 5 minutes passed before we get out of the parking lot and the car getting the one drink was still parked at the drive thur window. I guess the manager and occupant of said car had much to discuss. I will have to admit usually the people at McDonald's seem a little disconnected from their jobs, but this guy who would not tell us his name seemed downright vindictive.

Sending 3,000 troops to Africa is just asking for trouble. Why can't the UN send troops to build new hospitals?

I don't understand why anyone would want ear stretching 

Guilty pleasures: certain movies....The Wedding Date, Leap Year, Hellboy, Listening to Douglas Adams read Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy,

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Waxing Celtic and Pixie Boots...a little late and incoherent

It's nearly Mid-Summer's Eve and my mystical side rears up and wants to be heard and seen. It used to be a full time thing--but the last few years I have wasted a lot of time coming to grips with entering my crone phase of life. My husband doesn't get it, and I don't have many friends my age that don't have children--so they don't understand my particular malaise either. I have a stepson, who is uncannily like me--but it's not the same--there's a reserve between us. A distance that is sometimes uncomfortable maybe because we aren't sure how we are supposed to act together; so we do much better on the phone and texting.

The point here was it is almost Mid-Summer's Eve and I usually feel a calling---to something less mundane than the world that surrounds my day to day existence. I can't or don't see myself flying to Stonehenge to partake in what I sometimes view as just a mid-summer romp or madness.

Puppy Left in a Locked Storage Unit

Some people should not be allowed to live on the same planet with civilized people and here is an example

Friday, October 18, 2013

People Saving Horses

Just a few links concerning the slaughter of horses--some would like to tell you that banning this would hurt the economy though since horse slaughter was banned here for some number of years, I doubt that it would hold that large an impact.
Willie Nelson
Saving Horses, Inc
12 year old who saves two (this story over simplifies that horses are slaughtered because of over-breeding when many times, horses are sent to slaughter because the owners just can't afford them any longer or are just tempted by an irresistible price)
Humane Association explains why it is particularly inhumane to send horses to slaughter,

Friday, October 11, 2013

Military and Need a Priest--Well

Too bad if you are in the military and want interaction with a priest - during the shut-down they are not even allowed on bases.