Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gordon Lightfoot's Birthday

I was sitting around reading the blogs I read when I started thinking about the date and thinking November 17 is someone's birthday. And there it was on Poweline---Gordon Lightfoot (he was born in 1938). "Song for a Winter's Night" is my favorite--yeah it's depressing, but I liked it for the sleigh bells in the original recording. Here's one of the few videos that is actually Lightfoot singing.


char said...

Here's Lightfoot in January 2009 at a small club in TOronto during a Celebration of Lightfoot" music that is done annually (around 8 years now) He came to enjoy the performances and got up and sang SFAWN with a borrowed guitar. I caught it on my camera..It was wonderful!

vadahodges1211 said...
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zombywolf said...

I used to have this friend who thought all his music was depressing because of "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald." Some people just don't get balladeers.