Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Yeah, Baby!

Palin hits a home run. Whooo Hooo, take that you screaming harpies on the left who said how dare she run for office when she has a special needs baby and should be home.

Everyone is a buzz with this astounding speech--how it soared and how Palin cut to the quick with a nibbleness not seen for quite a while. I'm psyched.

Here's an issue no one is touching on and I'm not sure how to approach it exactly. Has anyone noticed how John McCain is enbracing Palin and her family. Not the uneasy peace of some tickets. Carl Cameron says McCain got a little misty when he was shaking hands with Palin's family out on the tarmac when he came to Bristol and her husband to be--McCain took a little more time to give them what seemed to be a little extra pat and encouragement. And then there was Cindy McCain holding little Trig when Sarah began her speech.

More later. . .

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