Sunday, August 31, 2008

WTF is up with all this Criticism of Sarah Palin

The fire storm has begun about Sarah Palin and I just don't get it. She's not experienced enough to be a breath away from the presidency? McCain's body has been ravaged by torture and cancer (it's frickin skin cancer--very easy to treat and catch once you have had it--especially because they check you over with a fine tooth once a year at least--it's very different than most other cancers--caught early it's pretty contained).

She doesn't seem to have gravitas either; at least according to Time Magazine but then neither does any other woman except Margaret Thatcher and Barbara Jordan as the article doesn't mention any others.

Frankly, I think the MSM and plently of bloggers have slighted Palin because she is a woman. What she has done as a woman counts for less. But hey, she has has a real job--Biden and Obama haven't. This whole notion that she isn't fit to lead is pissing me off.

It's not like if she ends up president, she'd be there by herself. She'd be surrounded by advisors and she appears to think very good on her feet--can talk and stand-up without a teleprompter. I dunno but I feel like this is sexism at work here, but then again some of the worst I have found on her is from a woman and here's some of it:
Perhaps the most charitable way to put it is to say that she's an example of Alaska's version of a Valley Girl.
She has no education as that is understood in civilized circles.
She has no culture except that of small-town Alaska, which revolves around petty vengefulness, violent sports and killing things.
She seems to care nothing for the environment as long as it produces enough animals to kill. "Spiritual" does not appear to be in her vocabulary.
Like W., she appears to act on her guts instead of listening to experts, especially scientists. Pity the poor polar bear, just for starters. And look where Bush's guts, such as they are, have got us.
Paris Hilton has more foreign policy experience and subtlety.
In the not-unlikely scenario that she might actually become president (shudder) someone like Putin would snap her up like a chicken thrown to a crocodile.
Her cringe factor exceeds that of Bush.
The thought of her presiding over the senate makes one rather queasy. As does the thought of her presence at any formal diplomatic function.
Far from restoring our credibility abroad, Palin would make us an even greater laughing stock—if that is possible.
Having recently had a baby she is doubtless suffering from "baby brain", a scientifically proven "normal" deficiency in mental function following childbirth. Maybe that's why she said "yes" to McCain. If not, then she is perhaps even more self-deluded than Bush.

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