Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Remembering Jupiter Yambem

Jupiter Yambem was born in Manipur (A state in India) and came to NYC when he was 21 (20 years before 911). He quickly began to work at some of the most famous restaurants in the city settling finally at the Windows on the World in the WTC where he was Banquet Manager. As I hear and have read, if you wanted to have an event at Windows on the World, Jupiter was your go to guy.

Jupiter loved life and loved to have fun by all accounts. He co-founded a small group for himself and others who came from Manipur--The North American Manipur Association. The association'a goal was to allow fellow natives of Manipur to hold on to a bit of their native traditions.
[Jupiter] had two purposes, said his wife, Nancy Yambem. He wanted his son to know something of his heritage -- to see the dances and hear the music and taste the food. But he also wanted to construct a bridge, however modest, between two vastly different cultures.

The strands of Mr. Yambem's life came together at his memorial service. His friends gathered at Beacon Riverfront Park on the banks of the Hudson River. They had a potluck dinner and Mr. Seeger sang "Turn, Turn, Turn." Later, they released hundreds of small paper boats onto the river, each with a candle inside. Mr. Yambem's ashes were returned to Manipur and scattered over a lake[another source says his ashes were scattered in Dargeeling along his old hiking trail Tiger Hill].

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