Thursday, June 18, 2009


There's this pet store I go to because it's close mostly, but lately I am hard pressed to buy anything there (I go there when I need something in a hurry). there are two reasons, one they follow me around like they think I'm going to steal something, and two the usual check out girl's tattoos bug me. She has a large tattoo on her chest, a large one on one arm and the other arm is covered with tattoos--other than that she looks like your typical cheerleader type. Mostly they bug me because I wonder how she is going to feel how them when she is 45 and they aren't so cool anymore--which leads me to want to shout or ask--are you in a band or something. I mean what else is there as a reason for so many? Well, there's Megan Fox's who says each new tattoo is a f u to anyone who told her not to get one. Her tattoos are particularly stupid at that, but then she proves her intelligence level every time she opens her mouth to criticize Middle America.

Tattoos used to be cool in moderation, but now everyone has one.

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M A S T E R M I N D T A T T O O said...

Lots of people get inked for differing reasons. I've got several myself but they all mean something quite personal to me, so I don't foresee regretting them. That said, you should be very careful and slow to consider tattooing because if you don't it will certainly turn into a symbol of regret rather than beauty.