Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Next tea Party in Nashville

I got this in email Monday:

On Monday, June 29th Tennessee Tea Party will be hosting Nashville's next Tea Party. This is your chance to take a stand against Big Government and wasteful spending that is pushing our country further into debt everyday. The event details, as passed along by our friends at Tennessee Tea Party, are:

What: Nashville's Next Tea Party, the Middle TN Liberty Rally. Click TNTeaParty.org for the event Website.

When: Monday, June 29th, 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Where: Legislative Plaza, Downtown Nashville across from the Capital, Click HERE for a Google Map

Speakers: Phil Valentine, Steve Gill, Ralph Bristol, Drew Johnson, Ken Marerro, Bernadette Ash (mom, volunteer, citizen), Ben Cunningham, and more to be announced.

Action Items: Please tell your friends and neighbors about this Tea Party event and make arrangements to attend. Your presence is absolutely necessary to turn back the tide of Big Government and higher taxes. A public show of support for limited government and personal liberty is needed now more than ever. Please join Tennessee Tea Party and help us stop the slide towards even bigger government.

Make your voice heard by signing our petition at the rally opposing Government Health care, and Cap-and-Trade. These petitions will be delivered to Tennessee Representatives and Senators.

Many organizations will have informational booths on site so you can get involved any way you feel comfortable.

For more information please contact: info@tnteaparty.org

I got one complaint. Why do they keep having it at 12 noon and at Legislative Plaza? It's freaking impossible to park downtown.


Liz said...

If you get there early you can park almost anywhere. I just wish they would figure out a way to air condition the place!

zombywolf said...

if you get there early, you can also be nicely well done before it starts unless it's cloudy.