Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kvetching On Sarah Palin's wardrobe

I'm sick to death of people ragging on Sarah Palin all the time. You'd think she was one of those hicks (and I don't mean it personally) from down here in the South, a hay-seed (why does that make me want to barf--oh yeah that stupid Ron Howard "I'm in Love with Barack--Andy Griffith Style." I will never view The Andy Griffith Show the same way again). The worst on this rag wagon are other Republicans. Ain't that just like Republicans though--their own worst enemies. They will shoot themselves in the foot every chance they get. And it appears to be trickling down to the McCain Camp. Sour Grapes maybe, still coming from people who think Palin is not qualified--perhaps anyway. So she only has one college degree and it wasn't from the right school. Aren't we just a frigging bunch of snobs.

The latest fiasco is 150,000 thousand dollars spent on Sarah Palin a new wardrobe. Well, first it was spent on the whole family, and secondly all but 50,000 dollars worth of the clothes and accessories were sent back. The 50,000 is on loan till the campaign ends and then it will be sent back, given to charity, perhaps even auctioned off. Someone made a misstake. Someone let the cat out of the bag. Someone thought all the world needed to know this, and yet, we don't truly know what Michelle Obama spends on herself and the girls. You really don't think the Obama's wardrobe is pretty spiffy and trendy and expensive. Betcha Michelle doesn't go to thrift stores.

It just seems to me that Sarah Palin has become the favorite punching bag of "used to be" Republicans (The ones that are not Republicans if Sarah Palin is the running mate and if you ask me, they should never be allowed to be Republicans again for their traitorious actions) and the Left. Sad really that the left only wants only women who think just like they do to get a head in this world. Women like Sarah Palin are good only to be spit upon and ridiculed for thinking differently.

And for all those Talking Heads who think and said Sarah should have gotten her new wardrobe at Target. I'd like anyone over 30 to go to Target and get a dressy wardrobe--sporty yeah, but not dressy unless you are a college student or younger.

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