Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hurricane Ike Madness

Hurricane Ike Madness is striking far and wide as gas prices soar and gas stations all over the country seemingly run out of gas as consumers make runs on their local stations.

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My husband and I went out an hour ago looking for gas (11PM central time--Sept 12)--the price had gone up almost 50 cents at all but one (Exxon with twenty to thirty cars waiting in line) Kroger, BP and Shell within a 1/2 mile radius had no gas--another Shell a mile away had gas--but it wouldn't let us pump but 50 dollars worth--had to use another credit card to finish filling the tank at just under 4 dollars a gallon.

Called my son while we were at the gas station and he said his wife was looking for gas when she got off work Friday afternoon on the far side of town (technically Hendersonville, TN) and all the stations she tried were out of gas.

Guess Democrats will find some way to blame Bush or Sarah Palin.

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