Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Historic Day

Yea essssssss and hallelujah tonight we have nominated the first black man as the candidate for president for the Democrat party.

pausing: to wipe the tears from my eyes ---o the humanities, let me fall on my knees and praise God (o and I might could actually see the Obamamessiah King Zeus etc etc when he comes to town in --well it's the 2nd debate)

But here's the problem--ObamaZeus (for his temple backdrop tomorrow night) is the most left of center man in the senate. I wouldn't vote for him as dogcatcher and certainly not as president. There is nothing he can say that would convince me to vote for him.

I worried watching the repeat of Michelle's speech on CSPAN and seeing the crowds reaction---these people are enveloped in a spell---they can't see how bad ObamaZeus is because the MSM is too busy being the spreader of that very spell--the people supposed to be objective are perhaps the most mesmerized by ObamaZeus.

hopeychangeyhopeychangey---O mighty Obama the one we've been waiting for--hopeychangeyhopeychangey---O glorious Obama who will save us.
hopeychangey hopeychangey---O wonderous Light Bringer and Blessed one
hopeychangey hopeychangey--Come amoung us now and make us see the error of our capitalist ways hopeychangey hopeychangey--Come and show us how to serve You and our country.
hopeychangey hopeychangey--Come take our money to spend as you the Chosen One knows best what is needed to make this nation anew and in your likeness--hopeychangeyhopeychangeyhopeychangeyhopeychangey

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