Friday, August 8, 2008

Bastichs!!! Prince George's County, MD Shoots Dogs in 2nd Incident Since November

H/T Rachel Lucas and Zero Gossip

Frankly, I am beginning to think it's not safe to have dogs anymore--some Swat Team might bust through your door and shoot them dead especially if you live in Prince George's County, Maryland. Yes, folks twice now since November, the Prince George's County Sheriff's Department has gone to someone's house and shot their dogs. The first time (I know of) was November when Sheriff's officers came to the home Frank and Pamela Myers to execute a warrant--their dog was in the yard barking and they asked if they could secure their dog but the Bastichs said no and proceeded to shoot the dog--the Myers were never charged with anything. WTF is up with this? The Life of a pet is forfeit because you are suspected of a crime?

Jump ahead to last week when the Swat team burst into the home of Mayor Calvo of Berwyn Heights, Maryland (over a package of pot delivered there--not heroin or crack or cocaine) and proceeded to shoot the Mayor's two Labs (Payton and Chase)--Chase while he was running away. "He was hunted down and shot in the back while he fled," he said. "They didn't deserve to die. They don't deserve to be blamed for their deaths," Calvo said.

I hear there is no "no knock warrants" in Maryland---but these guys had an excuse--the Mayor's mother-in-law scream when she saw their guns giving them their excuse to break down the door--O and she was standing right next to Payton when he was shot dead.

The Mayor and his mother-in-law had to remain amid the blood and the dead dogs while the Sheriff's Officers interrogated them.

What next? Officers will shoot a person on these raids (O yeah they did that on a raid in Atlanta back in 2006).

Don't get me wrong sometimes the police and such have to bust down doors but come on. Calvo's says those dogs were her children, and the Swat Officers had the temerity to track those poor animals blood all over that house looking for more drugs. Did I mention the officers said they felt threatened by the dogs. Calvo said that Payton was an aggressive licker. My God, it just makes me sick to think about it. The Mayor, he is asking for a Federal Probe into this incident.

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