Sunday, August 3, 2008

Babblings, Short Attention Spans, Obama Supporters

I have been watching the Sopranos for the first time--whirlwind session 10 days and I'm middle way through the 4th season. I have tried to post something for 4 days but keep losing my train of thought. I like Rome, Deadwood and Dexter better, but the Sopranos is good some of the time. I find that I like Carmela--I didn't think I would--Paulie and Tony too and Jr.

My attention span is waning once more--actually it more of a concentration problem brought on by stress--ok I have always had a shot attention span at times and stress had little to do with it.

Friday, I observed two Obama supporters and couldn't decide what to think. The first was at Sam's Club and since I was in my car, I started to take a picture--then I wondered if she would complain and even if it was racist--she is was sitting in the car opposite me (90+ temp) with her hijab on and one window open. There was a Obama sign in the back window of the car. Much later me and my husband were behind another Obama supporter--the emissions from his/her (couldn't tell) exhaust was stifling--I wanted to yell "Your leader has told you to get a tune-up." It's been days since I've seen a McCain supporter.

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