Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dallas County Comissioners, Black Holes and General Stupidity

hat tip: Bridget

This story is from Dallas County where 5th grade science is not a prerequisite at least not if you are a commissioner.

Monday July 7, a special meeting concerning Dallas County traffic tickets turned surreal. One of the commissioners who was white exclaimed that it seemed as though the central collections office that was in charge of collecting money from the traffic tickets had become a black hole--because of all the lost paperwork. The another commissioner who was black blurted out "excuse me. . . the office has become a white hole." Judge Thomas Jones (also black) insisted that the white commissioner apologize for his racially insensitive comment.

The white commissioner retorted that a black hole was "a figure of speech and a science term." At this point others broke up the discussion and got the judge and the two commissioners back on track.

In the comment portion from the original article several people did not approve the use of the term black hole as they found it demeaning. Others thought the whole story had to be a joke.

Somewhere a universal sigh was uttered and people scrambled to search for others terms that describe the absence of light--can't use black as someone might misconstrue your intent.

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