Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Clinging to Guns, God and English--What'll We Do!!!!

We just keep disappointing Barack Obama with our guns, God and only being able to speak English.
Lemme see, I've taken 2 years of Spanish, 1 1/2 years of Russian and a semester of French--I loved the idea of taking French but I sucked at it--barely getting out of the class with a D--I made Bs on all the tests but my pronunciation was atrocious--in fact that's why I just quit taking languages--my pronunciation sucked. And at some point I decided if I couldn't learn Gaelic or Welsh I wasn't interested--after all why should I learn Spanish--it's not my culture--period--doesn't interest me. Russian did for some reason---no Russian blood that I know of but plenty of Celt and French. I guess like a lot of Americans--I will be in trouble once Spanish is our official language if Obama is elected---honestly I'd rather take Farsi or Arabic.

Here's what a couple of others had to say on Obama 's idea that our children need to learn Spanish or why can't we be more like Europeans:

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