Monday, May 19, 2008

Obama and his Anti-Semitic Supporters--Can You Say Iran?

Barack Obama may yet win the presidency particularly since the Republicans are hell bent on shooting themselves in the foot(Oh and thanks a lot BOB BARR and Ron Paul), but there are things out there that make Obama a questionable candidate. Just how radical is he? And what about all these Anti-Semitic groups that seem to love him so. Debbie Schlussel writes in The Company He Keeps: Obama Hangs With Hezbollah's Iranian Agent Imam (see above image)about Obama's secret meeting with Hassan Qazwini (A tool of Iran). Here's some of what Schlussel writes:

Barack Obama claims he's against HAMAS and Hezbollah and is offended by President Bush's speech in Israel about Obama's ethos of "appeasement." So why is he meeting with one of Hezbollah's most important imams and agents in America, Imam Hassan Qazwini? And why is this open anti-Semite and supporter of Israel's annihilation getting to discuss "the Arab-Israeli conflict" in a private one-on-one meeting with Obama? What was said? I think we can do the math.

. . . He is tight with the Government of Iran, and he is an agent of the Iranian government, spreading its propaganda. He was sent to the U.S. by Iran to help radicalize his mosque, the Islamic Center of America, which--at the time--was becoming moderate with women not covering their hair and mixing with men. All that has changed, under Qazwini.

Qazwini is very open about his support for Palestinian homicide bombings, HAMAS, and Hezbollah. And he's a good friend of Hezbollah spiritual leader, Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah--the man who issued the fatwa to Hezbollah terrorists to murder over 300 U.S. Marines and U.S. Embassy civilians in cold blood. Qazwini's mosque has held rallies and celebrations in support of Hezbollah, and many of Hezbollah's biggest money-launderers and agents in America are his congregants.
. . .
Imam Hassan Qazwini, head of the Islamic Center of America, said in an email that he met with Obama at Macomb Community College. A mosque spokesman, Eide Alawan, confirmed that the meeting took place. During the meeting, the two discussed the Presidential election, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and the Iraq war, according to Qazwini.

At the end of the meeting, Qazwini said he gave Obama a copy of new book, "American Crescent," and invited Obama to visit his center.

The meeting with Obama came about after Qazwini had asked David Bonior, the former U.S. Rep. from Michigan, if he could meet with Obama during his visit. Qazwini was not selected to be part of a group of 20 people who met with Obama, but Qazwini later got a private meeting with Obama, Alawan said.
. . .
Well, Obama has the support of HAMAS . . . and now, Hezbollah. And we should send him to the White House because . . .?

I don't know but these friends and acquaintances Barack Obama that Schlussel and others write about make me nervous. Especially, since so many people are following Obama so blindly--well like lambs to the slaughter--cough--is that too strong a metaphor?

Maybe, but not if Obama gets a Democrat Senate and Congress. Can we say the sky is the limit: new and higher taxes, automobile rationing (NO SUVS FOR YOU) (I swear some Democrats don't want Americans to have cars--and we know now how Barack feels about SUVs), the end of personal gun ownership, crappy but affordable health care where you wait and wait and wait for care. "No one can say anything about my wife though she is out there every night in my name making speeches about how LOUSY we are here in the United States where she has never been proud until a few months ago." And maybe, just maybe Obama is pushing for negotiations with Iran is because of his buddy Hassan Qazwini.


Anonymous said...

You right-wingers are ten kinds of crazy.. I mean seriously...

EIther you're parroting this knowing its complete bull-shi$... or you're just to stupid to actually investigate the story yourself...

So I'll do it for you.. The scary muslim Obama met with has met with Bush several times and was even photographed recieving a kiss on the cheek from said president... He also met with THE FREAKING POPE just recently.

More racist hate-spewing from the right... big surprise. Do you guys really wonder why you've been getting clobbered at the polls for the last 2 years?

Steve in TN said...

Yeah, and you left-wingers are a hundred kinds of crazy. The reason Obama's terrorist loving traits are relevant is because he loves terrorists. The reason Obama's meeting with this particular terrorist means something is that Obama does so to support the terrorist, the others do not.

Here's a hint for your socially numbed brain: The President meets with these guys and leads the military in KILLING them when they threaten us. Obama wants to meet with them and engage in "tough" diplomacy. The difference:

One meets and tells them, "If you attack us we will kill you."

The other meets and tells them, "If you attack us I'll send the State Department a memo to negotiate with you."

Which candidate kicked off his political career in the living room of two terrorists?


Which candidate sat on the board of a not for profit and granted terrorist organizations thousands of dollars?


GW Bush didn't do that, the Pope -- freaking or otherwise -- didn't do that. The two candidates other than Obama didn't do that.

Obama did that and other things. Obama sat in a church that featured articles in their bulletin authored by terrorists who state that they hate America and Israel and want to destroy them.

GW Bush didn't do that. The Pope, not even the freaking pope, did that. The other two candidates did not do that.

Obama did that. Obama is a terrorist sympathizer and supporter, plain and simple.