Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Is No One Safe Anymore?

hat tip: Glenn Beck's Headline News Show (at last he could release the names of the assailants), and to Janice Morse's article (which filled in the dates I couldn't remember).

February 22, 2008 Ashley Clark was home alone or so she thought (Hanover Township, Ohio), but there were two people hiding in the basement who had been intent on stealing a car--however, when they realized the car was gone, they decided that they would torture Ashley for a while. The two assailants were a 17 year old girl and her boyfriend who was 16 (they also were parents of a small baby--who has not been with them since the attack). Ashley begged them not to hit her in the head since she had had brain surgery--so they hit her in the head and beat her with a baseball bat. They tied her up. They threw her in the shower and then made her stand outside in the snow. They cut all her hair off and for extra fun they destroyed Ashley's prom dress (The Prom is May 24th).

Ashley's mother came home, found her daughter and called the authorities. The two attackers were found in the woods not far from Ashley's home. The sheriff says he was shocked at their attitude--it was funny to them and they showed no remorse.

Ashley turned 19 last Tuesday and had been terrified since her attack that the two assailants would come back and hurt her some more. And there had been debate early in the case as to whether Ashley's assailants would be tried as adults or juveniles.

The judge in the case decided on Wednesday that they should be charged as adults and their bail was set at 1million dollars each.

Ashley will be going to her prom. A wig shop donated a wig to cover up the mess the two assailants made of Ashley's hair and David's Bridal donated a prom gown.

What the hell is happening to us? It's like half the country understands right from wrong and the other half has no respect for anyone or anything. And teens seem to be the worst--the only good news in this attack was that the two teens didn't film what they did to Ashley.

These thugs that attacked Ashley had been in and out of trouble for years. They had no respect for anything, but their lawyers had a lot of excuses for why their clients were like they were--

sometimes, the damage you do just can't be excused any more.

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