Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Hillary as President

So Hillary care is going to be forced--Americans are going to be forced to buy this health care she is cooking up. Well, that's what she was saying on Feb 4th. And Ann Coulter is going to be campaigning for her. I think maybe I woke up on the other side of the Looking Glass or something.

But Wooo Whooo the Giants beat the Patriots that's gotta be worth something

Guess I better be looking up where I go vote since I didn't vote early. Usually I don't bother with the primary since we usually vote so late who I was supporting has already quit. I did give Fred Thompson some money. Yes, somewhere is a Fred Thompson bumper sticker and a wee Thompson pin, but even when I gave him the money I didn't think his heart was in it--too bad.

I don't really care for McCain or Huckabee or Romney. Sigh

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