Saturday, February 9, 2008

ebay strike on for week of Feb 18-25

Sellers at Ebay--well some sellers--are all fired up about the impending changes at Ebay and have elected to strike the week of February 18-25. These sellers feel that without a loss of revenue, Ebay will continue with their asinine changes, and sadly, there will be too few involved in the Strike to even make a dent in Ebay's bottom line. After all, it will take a massive amount of sellers and buyers sticking to the strike for it to have any effect, and I just don't believe it's going to happen. It is a good idea, but too many, especially, I think, Power Sellers will not join in the strike.

Even if the strike doesn't do anything to Ebay, there is a decided ripple effect that is surging throught the Finance circles as they struggle to guess what changes Ebay may have wrought with the sweeping changes to their once One of a Kind Venue --where thousands came to buy and sell the unique---not the everyday wares that Walmart and Target readily supplied.

Here are two articles that explain some of the variables causing Ebay's problems and those who may benefit from those changes:

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