Saturday, December 22, 2012

Justice for Rosie

Justice for Rosie - demand that the people who killed her are held accountable! | Justice for Mary |

On a Sunday in early November 2010--Rosie a Newfoundland got out and wandered into a neighbor's yard. This mistake would cost Rosie her life at the hands of the Des Moines, Washington Police Department. Witnesses say the responding officers acting like it was a game to them. Rosie was a docile ambling giant of a dog, but in no way vicious or needing to be killed like some rabid mountain lion. Of course the police claimed she was vicious and a danger to the public. When they shot Rosie, she was contained in the neighbor's backyard--no threat at all--just hiding.

When will the public make an outcry loud enough for the powers that be to stop killing our dogs when there is no reason to except that they can?

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