Monday, December 12, 2011

Random thoughts for December

"Torchwood" was better than I thought and pretty much--I watched the whole series in a week.

It must be me--but I think "Two Broke Girls" may be the lamest television show ever. Come on, no one can been as dumb as the blonde and live passed 12.

Hasn't "How I Met Your Mother" jumped the shark yet? (the Christmas one just aired with Robin and Ted is the best since the first year)

Still ticked that "Bleep My Dad Says" and "Law and Order: Los Angeles" got cancelled--may never get over the cancellation of "Eureka" (it makes me happy even if the episode is lame).

"Grimm" and "Once Upon A Time" are pretty good--there maybe problems up the road.

Is anybody else sick of Adele yet?

I used to love this time of year, but now life and its responsibilities just gets in the way and I'm just harried and pressured to get all that has to be done done.

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