Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Dog Dumped at An Animal Shelter

If you are considering dumping your dog at the Animal Shelter--consider Champ. It just so happens that Orange County Pocket Pets was at the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter in L.A. County, California when Champ was brought in. Pocket Pets begged the owner to let them take Champ, but he insisted on leaving Champ at the Shelter. He couldn't keep Champ anymore as the owner had moved into an apartment;so at 12 years old, Champ came to live at a shelter with a concrete floor.
Champ did not get rescued from the shelter. He didn't have a happy ending. Champ died alone in a cage on the cold floor 48 hours after being dumped at the shelter. What was the point of living without the human he had been with all his life.

Remember Champ if you are considering taking your dog to a shelter whatever your reasons. Remember if you surrender your dog to a shelter, they are not obligated to keep him for the normal hold time because you gave your dog up to the shelter. If the shelter gets full, or the powers that be decide the animals have be there too long, the surrendered ones, the seniors, the Pit-bull, the black dogs and the injured are the first to be euthanized. Remember Champ (we didn't know his real name and wanted more than a number for him)as how not to treat the dog who was there for you when no one else was.

Remember Champ who died of a broken-heart at 12 when you want to get rid of your dog because he isn't cute anymore or doesn't get along with your new puppy. Remember Champ when you girl friend tells you she can't marry you until you get rid of the dog because she's afraid of him. Remember Champ as the lesson of what not to do if you have even an ounce of humanity.

What waits for Champ on the other side is love and comfort. Remember this dog, a Golden Retriever and all the lost souls who never had a chance because their caretakers suffered from human frailty. May they enjoy the next world cradled in the arms of God--perfect love. For that's what they give--perfect love.

Orange County Pocket Pets

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