Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dog Makes Nest of Her Owners' Things

ht/American Humane Society

Last July, Kathy Wilkes-Meyers on her way to work noticed this dog hanging out near the highway. Kathy just happens to run The Love Me Tender Animal Rescue in Hickman County, Tennessee, so she was used to dealing with strays. She stopped and tried to get the dog to come to her and this dog didn't really act like a stray.

So Kathy was a bit curious as she remember there had been a wreck in the area a few weeks back. The dog was skinny and drinking from a ditch but the Rottweiler had made herself a nest of trinkets: a toothbrush, a comb, a candle, a razor, an insurance card and nearby a piece of a tail light and some broken glass. Kathy took a few pictures and set out to find who the dog's owners were. She called the insurance agent listed on the card and the Highway Patrol.

Ella had been there where the accident had occurred for two weeks determined to stay till someone came to get her. The Kelleys were finally reunited with Ella even though they had thought for sure that she must have died after being on her own so long. Mr. Kelley remembered seeing her run into the woods afraid of all the goings on with the paramedics--and the authorities missed the black and brown dog in their hurry to see to the 5 humans in the vehicle

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