Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Is Local Nashville News Just Getting Dumber

Last Wednesday I was watching WTVF in Nashville's 10:00 News. The report from Phil Williams comes on. Why it would seem Marsha Blackburn commented on BHO's speech to Congress--for shame, before he gave it. That's right Phil Williams, great investigative reporter that he is points to the time stamp on Marsha Blackburn's remarks. Why it's dated 3 something PM. Brilliant save for one problem, she was making her remarks based on BHO's speech that was released as all Presidents' speeches are to the media and congress before air-time. Unfortunately, most of Channel 5's audience probably thought Phil's work was for real. You guess he didn't know the truth?

Then tonight--there Channel 5 is again making light of BHO's flippant remarks about the stock-market. How BHO can't worry about the stock market because he is busy trying to put people back to work. I guess no one at Channel 5 has any of their retirement money in the stock market.

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