Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Since I post at www.paxparabellum.com, my postings here will probably be less--as I get nagged to post more and more there. I will try to keep this blog up since I combined the three I originally had. All I'm saying is posting maybe slow here until I can find some kind of balance. Plus I'm working on restoring some very old black and white pictures which is taking up a good bit of time.

Here's one--it's a baptism for Hebron Baptist Church in Poplar Creek, Montgomery County, Mississippi. It's at Jim Tindoll's pond.

It looks to me as if there were several people in the foreground, and they have almost completely faded away. At first you think it's just damage to the photo, then you realize those images are people. I studied the thing for quite awhile trying to get the image to a size where Walgreen's could print it and not cut of half the image. I finally cut the image in half to make two separate pictures.


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