Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gil Grissom's Last CSI

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Okay, eventually I will accept Laurence Fishburne as the lead on CSI, but I think he's going to have to slap that new girl Riley Adams for being a bitch and rude to her elders (maybe you had to see the montage of future episodes to get where I'm coming from on that). Anyway, Fishburne is okay. It's not his superior facade that has shown up on the set--so it's cool.

However, I had problems with Grissom's farewell. If he had walked off with Lady Heather, I wouldn't have been disappointed. In fact, I would have found that rather fitting. Unfortunately, he runs down to Costa Rica to be with Sara! Come on. She left him high and dry. I liked it a little when they got together because I felt sorry for her, but I never thought they fit together. I don't care about the age difference; although, eventually when there is that big a difference in age, you have problems since you don't get there the other one is coming from. I just didn't like them together. She acted too creepy too many times--sorry it's the only word I can come up with. Maybe distant would work better, but something was just too strange about Sara and I'm the queen of strange so I would know.

And here's the worst part for me. What the hell did he do with his dog Hank? You see Grissom with the dog a lot this season, and suddenly he's in Costa Rica. Where's the dog? Wrap things up right folks.

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