Friday, October 24, 2008

For Every Action There is a Reaction

ht/ Greg Gutfeld and Greg Gutfeld

I've been thinking lately about Hayden Panettiere. Cute little Disney kid a few years ago and now a media darling. Does she still do commericals? Here's one of them:

I'm wondering if those products know what else she does (warning contains language some might find offensive):

Is this who you want to represent your product to young teen girls? Frankly, take it from personal experience, she's never really had a break-out--her head would have exploded. You just leave that attitude behind once you have.

I don't care if the whole thing was meant in jest, it is poor taste and judgment on her part--just to be cool and hip. I'm not usually prudish; although the older I get the more I get what it is to influence people in a bad way.

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