Monday, October 20, 2008

Down to the Wire

I hate presidential election years. I contemplate the downfall of Democracy for most of the year. I try to avoid public gatherings so as not to have confrontations. I steer clear of certain friends because I know we have differing political views. Of course I wonder for the millionth time why most voters are so ignorant of how the government works and what our founding fathers intended that this nation should be. And I just don't think that registering and actively registering others to vote in states where their votes can make the most difference is right when you don't live in that state. That's stealing the votes of others. Registering Micky Mouse to vote absentee is stealing someone else's legitimate vote. I don't give a damn who votes, so long as they have a ligit address and that they only vote once; although, sometimes it would be helpful if voters understood how the government works.


Do they really understand what Socialism is?

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