Saturday, September 20, 2008

Nashville, TN Out of Gas

Friday: I don't know what's going on, and I've been afraid to drive all over town to check it out, but something weird is happening with gas in Nashville, Tn --and it's not just a panic as CNN suggests.

I was out around 5:30 with errands to run and was able to get them all done by 6 because there was hardly any traffic. One girl at the Vets said it was because everyone was looking for gas. There was no gas to be had here all day long, and it's been like this since last Friday night. Of course you can drive just 15 miles out of town to Kingston Springs and there's gas. Damned strange.

UPDATE: Saturday
CNN is still claiming that we are just in a panic here in Nashville and there is plenty of gas to be had. Yeah, if you want to wait for 2 hours in line at the one or two stations that do have gas. The local paper said on Thursday that the pipeline to here was at 20% capacity; even though, the Highway Officials now dispute that. At 1:30 PM today, a friend was driving down the road about a mile from here and he passed a gasoline tankard--there was a line of 40 cars following the truck. Two hours later there were still 40 cars in line at that gas station. My son called this morning from the north side of town and said he had been sitting in a line to get gas for two hours. It's not that Nashville is out of gas, it's that only a 1/4 of the stations have gasoline.

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