Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Did Matt Damon call Sarah Palin a Hick?

It just seems that some people are crazier than others, and it appears that Matt Damon has jumped on the Sarah Palin is not qualified to be President band wagon. He might even be worse than some by referring to her as a bad Disney movie. It's scary what Hollywood thinks of middle America--we folks is jus a bunch o hicks thas cain't do nuthin but hunt, an shoot an play sports-- and mabby chew a lil tobacky--but we's ain't got enuf sense to run the country--cauzin we din't go to no Yale or Harvard. Damon doesn't want Palin with the nucular codes iffins he is too Christian cauz that'd mean she thunks that the earth is onlyin 4000 years old--that's 6,000 silli bub. I always knowed Damon was an ass. (IT WAS A PARODY--P A R O D Y)

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