Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Black Dogs

The first photo is Lucy Loo and the 2nd is Pepper Ann.

Pepper Ann is a 60 pound, 7 year old Lab/Border Collie with big ears. She likes to sleep like that, but sometimes she does it to look at stuff upside down. Lcuy Loo does the same thing, and I used to have a Siberian Husky that liked to lay on her back and look at stuff too. Sometimes I think Misha and Pepper Ann are the same dog--soul wise anyway.

Pepper Ann came from the Humane Shelter in Nashville, Tennessee. She kept barking at me every time I went by her cage. Someone had thrown her out with 3 of her sisters in a cloth bag on a bridge. She had been adopted, but the people brought her back because they thought she was too rough. She was 4 months old when we got her.

Pepper Ann has only that bit of white on her chest and feet, so she fits the description of a big black dog. According to ABC News large black dogs are the ones most likely to be unadoptable and therefore, put to sleep. The story says there aren't really stats out there to verify this, most shelters they talked to say this is the case. I have run into this myself in the case of our other lab mix.

When we first got Lucy Loo, I tried to give her to the Humane shelter and one of the pounds near here. The Humane Shelter won't take dogs under 8 weeks old. In fact, the only shelter that I coud find that would take her at only 4 weeks was the pound. That pound (the Cheatham County Animal Shelter) asked what color she was and said they would most likely just have to put her to sleep because of her color. People just didn't adopt black dogs. They don't usually adopt shy dogs either, which is another story.

Lucy was barely weened and so woobly she could hardly walk. Someone had thrown her out, and she almost got run over by a lawn mower before our neighbors decided we needed her. She came with a bunch of worms and parasites too. Of course she was also only a pound--now she weighs nearly 80 pounds at 19 months, and she looks like a full-blooded Black Lab except for one white foot and a white patch on her chest.

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Steve in TN said...

I think you left out some of the story about how we acquired Pepper...

:D I seem to remember sitting on the floor in front of the shelter playing with her for several hours -- blocking access to the secretary's desk -- until they decided to let me have her. They didn't want me to take her to Alabama for some reason. Didn't your mom have to sign the papers as a TN resident?