Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dog Shootings and Updates

H/T: TinyCatPants

Somehow I missed this article in the Nashville, Tennessee paper, but it seems we have a dog shooting problem here too--29 or so incidents in 2 years. Now the article cites an incident where the owner of the dog is somewhat at fault--she had an alarm system and had shut her phone off--so Metro police had to respond to her alarm--but they didn't have to shoot her dog which was tethered to her garage. They claim they were threatened--I think they could have just gone back around to her front door and knocked--which they didn't do---leaving her to find her dog dying some time later. Metro says they had the right to kill her dog--I don't know, maybe it's a Celtic thing--I don't think they had a right to kill her 2 year old boxer (and not very good even since she spent 1400 dollars at the vet--trying to save him).

Metro's only real response is to say Homeowners should do a few things to prevent this from happening to them: have signs posted that there are dogs on the premises, keep fenced yards locked and keep dogs tethered on short leads. My border collie mix is dead if Metro comes storming my house. I gotta get dog signs tomorrow and send this article to my neighbor.

UPDate on Dog Shooting in Cookeville back in 2003:

Cookeville settled case

Police-involved dog shootings gained prominence in Tennessee after a Cookeville police officer shot a bulldog that got out of a car during a 2003 traffic stop.

Video of the incident showed the dog exiting the car with his tail wagging. The city settled with the owner for $77,500.

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