Saturday, August 23, 2008

Biden Obamamessiah's Running Mate

It's official Joe Biden will be the Obamamessiah's VP (ever think that Fox's Major Garrett has become one of Obama Minions--he sure sounds like one of the chosen lately).

The news broken a little before 1 A.M. Eastern Time as someone close to the Obama campaign let the MSM know it was official that Joe Biden was the VP--long before the text message is supposed to go out sometime later this morning.

A good clue was the Secret Service showing up earlier at Biden's Delaware home.

Now of course the 24 hour news channels are scrambling about their normal reruns in the early morning hours as well as revamping what will be seen on Saturday's shows. Obamamania has struck once again and he owns the airwaves. WhoooHoooo.

I always kind of thought Obama was hesitant of Biden because Biden actually may have a bigger ego than Obama and might show up the Obamamessiah.

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