Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Obama and Evangelicals?

For the last three weeks I keep falling into these rabbit holes in chase of March Hares (well Obama mania tangents) and in the end have become so depressed by what I have found down in the bowels of the earth that I end up writing nothing--and fall into a tinkie and ice cream delirium (food is my friend and more so enemy-- but I guess President Obama will save me or force me to be saved).

Let me just say up front that I'm not your regular Christian. I'm not particularly pro-life. I don't believe government can legislate morality. It can't save our souls or force us to feed the poor. I'm pro-gun and mostly my voting life has consisted of voting for the candidate that was least likely to get us taken over by a foreign power or the UN. My father once said perhaps in jest though he has little sense of humor that he sometimes thought I had been reincarnated from someone who died during the bombing of London in WWII. We lived next to a civil defense siren and every month when it went off--so did I--a mindless panic--we also had a bomb shelter under the carport (built by original owner who had lived in London during the blitz). Whatever the reason, national defense and the weakening of it has always worried me. I can't see myself ever voting for a democrat.

Whilst, trekking down one particular rabbit hole after the Glenn Beck Show last week where his guest host was prattling on about Obama's appeal to Evangelicals (okay, Glenn went off on the same point Monday), I found out that this was somewhat true--Certain Evangelicals are flocking to Obamamessiah--mostly young Evangelicals and the Obama campaign is launching a program aimed at these converts (pod people) and then there's the new Obama book. Frankly, the Joshua Generation Project and The Faith of Barack Obama are shameless pandering or something worse--well that's how I see it. Nobody is as noble as the Obamamessiah appears to be.

Cal Thomas calls the Obamamessiah a false prophet. I wouldn't go so far as that, but I might call him some kind of Pied Piper of cool who is able to blind people to his actual message by how he puts forth his message and that is dishonest. It is a mystery to me as to how he can blind so may people to his Marxist message. Even David Brody misses the point in his announcement of the Joshua Generation Project. Brody seems to think it is good that someone who is a Democrat is not forgetting the Evangelicals while forgetting what Obama stands for and how this project is aimed at convincing gullible young Evangelicals that the Obamamessiah really cares about their beliefs (well maybe he does but he must do what his leftist base wants first).

Come on folks. ALL the Obamamessiah wants to do is be elected president and he will say and do whatever he thinks will get him elected. And who is the least informed and most likely to be swayed---young people. OHHHHHHHHHHH that Barack is so cool and good looking. Gag me with a spoon.

Here's what Lawrence Smith says about Obama:
Barack Obama -- one step away from the presidency of the United States. So, why do I also have a heavy heart? Because I know that I cannot in good conscience vote for Obama for president.

When I look beyond the historic nature of candidacy, beyond what his success reveals about how far race relations have advanced in this country, beyond the emotions stirred by his oratory -- Barack Obama, unfortunately, stands for everything to which I am opposed.

He stands for the taking of innocent human life in the womb almost without restriction. He stands for redefining marriage as no longer between one man and one woman. He stands for a no-choice educational system that traps kids in failing schools. Most importantly, despite his post-racial rhetoric, he stands for a theology that emphasizes racial identity over Gospel witness.

Some people understand how historic the Obamamessiah's rise is, but they also understand how he doesn't stand for what an Evangelical holds (or should hold) dear. People have got to understand that voting for Obamamessiah just because his candidacy is historic is not going to make him conservative no matter how religious he claims he is.

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