Monday, March 24, 2008

Computer Blues

It seems to me for the last two nights if you do a google blog search on say Obama ---all you get is liberal blogs---my books marks are otherwise occupied on a near dead computer---I need conservative blog news!!!!

My computer flipped out last Sunday---sadly I decided to update the Media Center--oops I didn't have enough ram--so all it doesn't now is boot up and shut down. So finally in a panic Friday (I kept trying to put this 3 month old computer in better order--hard to use laptop with bifocals oivey), I called Gateway (this is a VIAO btw)desperate to make sure I didn't lose all my bookmarks, avis, mp3s and genealogy files. Gateway gateway tech tell me I didn't have enough ram for the service pack (media center service pack 1)so I needed ram and then I got to pay for tech help---I could either get a new warranty 199.00 or tech help for 120.00 for 90 minutes. So I spent 199 for the warranty and 50 more for the extra ram, but no point trying to fix computer till the ram gets here(spent all Saturday night feeling like I had been screwed).

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