Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lament to the Full Service Gas Station

O, what a loss it is--no Full Service Gas Stations to be found--though I've searched all around-- Now, Mini-Mart/KFCs, Subways, Pizza Hut/Shells, A&Ws, Dairy Queens, Etc, Etc abound

Yes, It's true you can get all at the same time-- gas, dinner, diapers, a root beer, a double dipped cone, a latte no sugar or a cappuccino extra cream, lottery tickets and not have to tip even a dime


Can you get a tire patched, an air filter changed or someone to listen to that funny ping the vehicle has been making for the last 50 miles?

Alas, no,
for a flat you have to pay to pump air and buy bottled water to fill the radiator
how is that fair

or you can hunt from one end of town to the other for that full service care that once was always there.
And if you do find that full service care, you are afraid if you are not armed to stop (I wonder if there's air in my spare).

Despair sometimes threatens to unravel me as I search in vain for auto care in this post modern world with drive-thru everything
But no one to patch a spare
well, not at least on this side of town.

(okay my Welsh ancestors with the gift of the bards failed me)

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